What is asistIYS?

It is a service that collects all the permissions obtained by the service providers on a single platform, lawfully transfers them to the İYS platform, and also ensures that the changes in the İYS platform are communicated to the service providers.

Why is İYS Easier with Asist?

İYS keeps track of the ongoing developments and innovations in web services without extra effort.

Direct İYS connection reduces your operation and personnel burden.

İYS ensures that all ongoing integrations in web services are quickly adapted.

It offers a secure communication infrastructure with ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO10002 and ISO22301 certification.

The ASİST İVT service can both collect permissions and automatically transfer the authorized data to the İYS.

24/7 customer service and experienced field teams are always here for support.

Your system is always up to date with asistCLEAN, and İYS is much more economical!

Thanks to asistCLEAN, you can perform duplication, clearing and enhancing operations on a single platform. It allows you to:

  • Communicate effectively by increasing the quality, integrity and value of your data,
  • Destroy unused data that takes up space in your directory/system,
  • Plan according to the real data at hand,
  • Reduce your query costs by clearing the data not used in your integration with İYS.

İYS Registration Process

Requirements for transferring commercial electronic permissions to the İYS System;

Starting the application process on the iys.org.tr website.

Selecting the İYS package according to the number of allowed data available.

Sending the authorized business partner petition with the signed Message Service Sales Contract to isortagim@iys.org.tr.

Conclusion of service and confidentiality contracts with Asist BT.

Sending the İYS tracking number to Asist BT after approval.

Signing the Message Service Sales Contract and making the payment to the İYS.

Sharing with Asist BT the data prepared in the content and format specified in iys.org.tr.

Transferring the Authorized Database to the İYS platform by providing integration with strong API support.

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