What is Spec?

Spec allows you to securely fulfill your in-house instant information communication needs on your own servers.

You can increase your productivity with the messaging application that provides in-house communication of medium and large-sized companies. SPEC works seamlessly on iOS and Android mobile devices and computers.


Access from Anywhere

The application can work natively on iOS and Android devices, and as a Windows application and web-based application in computers.

Secure Communication

Application software is hosted on the corporation’s servers. Messages are end-to-end encrypted.

Active Directory

Can work with Active Directory integration.

Instant Notification

Your message is delivered to the other party in less than a second. It allows you to be instantly informed about the incoming information with auditory or visual warnings.

Offline Use

When there is no internet connection, your messages are saved in the application and automatically sent when connected to the internet.

Document Sharing

Texts, images, videos and locations can be shared through the application.

Video Call

The application allows for video calls.

Management Panel

With the management panel, groups and users can be created outside of Active Directory when necessary.

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