What is Endirek?

Endirek is a special-design street furniture. As human ergonomics and technology were prioritized for the design, it can be easily integrated with the new technological products.

Endirek, which is very easy to transport, install and store thanks to its modular structure, is the first product in the field of green energy in technology. It is patented and produced with domestic resources.

Uninterrupted Power

  • Environment-friendly
  • Produces 240 Watts of energy
  • Converts solar energy into internet and charging service
  • Allows charging for up to six people at the same time

Emergency Assembly Point

The three LED lights on Endirek provide micro-lighting, even when the city’s energy is cut off.

The product continues to serve in emergencies as an assembly point.

Thanks to its charging, micro-lighting and internet features, the Endirek can be considered an Emergency Assembly Point.

Technological Support for the Fight Against Covid-19

Smart City, Smart Hygiene Point

Endirek is also used as a hygiene point. It can be positioned in parks, gardens, town squares, campuses and beaches without any need for excavation.

  • Solar Energy
  • Suitable for Outdoor Environment
  • Industrial Sensor
  • Remote Warehouse Status Monitoring

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