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You can create brand awareness by using all GSM operators and quickly, easily and lawfully communicate with your target audience.

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Inquiry & Verification Services

TCKN MSISDN service is integrated with all operators. This way, you can query all TR ID numbers in your database among all the other numbers in Turkey. With this service, you can also match TR ID numbers and the people whose GSM numbers you have, allowing you to keep your database up to date at all times.

Mobile Marketing

You can use the latest mobile marketing services integrated with all operators for marketing communication with the right people, at the right time. Together, we determine the right service and strategy for you.

You can plan campaigns for all operator subscribers. With the Operator – Brand Collaborations service, you can send SMS or MMS messages to millions of operator subscribers.

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Bulk SMS Packages
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Bulk SMS Packages
Bulk SMS Packages

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