What is asistWin?

asistWin is a platform that provides debt information to citizens by revealing the contact information in the registry data of the corporation with data analysis and TR ID Inquiry services of three operators.

Debt Reminder

A semi-autonomous structure can be established with asistWin‘s advanced reminder modules. Debt reminders are made within the legal period, so that they are not subject to any criminal action.


asistWin allows for;

  • Ensuring income increase for the corporation through debt collection,
  • Updating the registry list with new statements,
  • Updating debt and contact information of taxpayers,
  • Informing the taxpayers who were not previously aware of their debt.

Your system is always up to date with asistCLEAN!

Thanks to asistCLEAN, you can perform duplication, clearing and enhancing operations on a single platform. It allows you to:

  • Communicate effectively by increasing the quality, integrity and value of your data,
  • Destroy unused data that takes up space in your directory/system,
  • Plan according to the real data at hand,
  • It allows you to reduce your query reminder costs by clearing unused data.

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