What is Service Management Portal?

Service Management Portal is an all-around interactive service management portal where the corporation can monitor and analyze all the services it provides to the relevant region, interact with the citizens living in the region, and report the demographic structure of the region to the finest detail.

Thanks to its advanced security infrastructure, IP restriction, user login with two-factor authentication, temporary user encryption, monitoring, log structure, and above all its ability to be installed on the corporation’s own servers and integrated into all software, it ensures the establishment of a structure that is fully compliant with the laws with next-level information security and dynamic modules that allow for obtaining permissions in accordance with the law.

Permission Management

Manage your ETKKVKK and İYS processes from a single platform! The user permissions obtained through;

  • Desks / Cashiers
  • Social Media
  • Printed Forms
  • Wi-Fi Service
  • Online Procedures

and other channels, allow you to do so in a manner that is fully compliant with the law with advanced API support and transfer them to the Message Management System.

Smart Data

It is a communication module that provides criteria-specific communication for all legally authorized citizens collected in the corporate database.

  • Establishing effective communication by delivering the right content, to the right person, at the right time
  • Increasing citizen interest and awareness about corporate services
  • Increasing participation and communication in manager visits
  • Preventing complaints with service on social media by making effective notifications

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway is a platform integrated with all operators.

You can categorize or group all citizens uploaded to the platform, or send personalized parametric information messages.

Thanks to its strong API support, it can be integrated with all applications and platforms in the corporation.

Mobil Pulse

Mobil Pulse is a mobile survey platform where you can receive opinions about your products and services with KVKK approval, and make detailed analyzes with advanced reporting tools.

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6235 Whitelist/Blacklist

With a short number defined in all operators, you can;

  • Easily collect all necessary KVKK permissions between citizens and the corporation,
  • Register citizens who want to receive SMS messages via 6235 with the Whitelist feature,
  • Remove the citizens who do not want to receive SMS messages from your list with the Blacklist feature,
  • Quickly receive suggestions, requests, complaints etc.

Call Center Integration

The corporation can easily integrate the call center with the Service Management Portal. This way, the legal permissions obtained by the call center, and citizen complaints and requests are automatically transferred to the portal.

Request and Complaint Analysis

The Service Management Portal can be easily integrated with the entire corporation. With advanced API support, it analyzes the requests and complaints collected from different points of the corporation (call center, white desk, information screens, etc.) with advanced reporting tools and ensures maximum citizen satisfaction.

Your system is always up to date with asistCLEAN!

Thanks to asistCLEAN, you can perform duplication, clearing and enhancing operations on a single platform. It allows you to:

  • Communicate effectively by increasing the quality, integrity and value of your data,
  • Destroy unused data that takes up space in your directory/system,
  • Plan according to the real data at hand,
  • Reduce your query costs by clearing the data not used in your integration with İYS.

Technical Features

On Premise

The Service Management Portal can be installed on the servers within the corporation and all controls can be carried out at one place. No data is let out.

2FA – Two-Factor Authentication

With two-factor authentication, only the person concerned can access the account from a trusted device or the web. The user logging into the platform has to provide both factors. These are the password and the verification code sent to the GSM number registered to the system.

IP Restriction

The platform cannot be accessed from any IP address other than the ones specified by the corporation.


The system is monitored 24/7 with advanced security and monitoring algorithms running in the background. In case of a possible interruption or error, the system speeds up our response time with a notification.

Log Structure

All activities on the platform (user movements, system errors, submissions, reporting services) are recorded. Your Log Structures are safe with safe365!

Data Masking

One of the requirements brought by the KVKK Law No. 6698 is data masking. Data masking is making the confidential and sensitive data on the corporate network incomprehensible to prevent unauthorized access.

External Data Transfer

You can upload all your data from external sources to the system at once.

Temporary Password

User passwords given by the system must be changed after the first login. It is also mandatory to change the password every six months or in specified periods. Your password information is encrypted for you.

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