Manage all your SMS channels with Asistan!

With the easy interface and flexible structure, you can create brand awareness by using all GSM operators and, quickly and easily communicate with your target audience.

Bulk SMS
Bulk MMS
Overseas SMS


Authorized Database Management

You can lawfully collect the permissions you have obtained through all your communication channels within the scope of the KVKK and ETK with advanced API support and AsistİVT integration.

İYS Integration

Thanks to Asistan’s fully-compatible integration with the Message Management System, you can easily transfer the permission and rejection notifications you collect through İVT or other communication channels to the İYS platform.

Rejection Notifications

Whether you have your own four-digit short number or AsistBT’s short number defined in all operators;

With the Whitelist feature, you can register the users who want to receive messages, while the Blacklist feature allows you to remove the users who do not want to receive messages from your list and easily collect all the required rejection notifications.

Your system is always up to date with asistCLEAN!

Thanks to asistCLEAN, you can perform duplication, clearing and enhancing operations on a single platform. It allows you to:

  • Communicate effectively by increasing the quality, integrity and value of your data,
  • Destroy unused data that takes up space in your directory/system,
  • Plan according to the real data at hand,
  • Reduce your query costs by clearing the data not used in your integration with İYS.



Thanks to the template, you do not have to rewrite the text for each submission.


You can send SMS messages within the specified interval, and prevent SMS messages from being sent before the specified interval.


With the advanced custom field structure, you can send to the right destination at the right time.


You can report all delivered or undelivered (with the reason) submissions with the relevant date and number and get all reports in Excel.


Thanks to Unicode support, you can send up to 918 characters in many languages.


You can make department-based and user-based interface authorizations, and determine who can make the submissions on an alphanumeric basis.

Download the app for a better experience

The Asistan mobile app has been renewed for ease of use, design and two-factor authentication for your security!

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